★FILM FESTIVAL★ PLAY VIDEO 4th REFUGEES 30.09.2021-06.10.2021
★ Babylon - Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30,
10178 Berlin



The Refugees Film Festival has been born due to the necessity to highlight the enormous drama of the crisis of millions of people in the XXI century that must leave their homes searching for a better life or only escaping from death.

Through a selection of films from all across the globe, the Film Festival aims to raise awareness of common persons that had changed radically their way and place of living in a desperate bid for freedom or only to survive.

Ranging from blockbusters to independent films, the program aspires to shed light on their situation and contexts, their fears, losses, hopes, successes, and their despair, courage, and resilience.

The line-up also includes stories of resilience and hope, population under war, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), racial persecutions against native Americans, genocides against minorities, etc.
Also, the film festival includes productions made with and by women, men, and children in their new lives in the cities or places of temporary settlement. The Film Festival will also be featuring special guests from the films, including the filmmakers, actors, and protagonists.

In one week of programming in the 1st RFF (2018) we have seen have 48 great films from Germany, Austria, the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Kosovo, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Iraq, Iran, Argentina, Honduras, Australia, Sweden, Bangladesh, Cyprus, and Egipt. The majority will be a premiere in Berlin and many of them in Germany also, like “Are you volleyball”, “Der Schwarze Nazi”, “Touch of Angel”, “The boys next door”, “Y”, “Tin Can”, “88 Cents”, “A Piece of Germany”, “Strange Guests”.

In the 2nd RFF (2019) we have seen 46 great films from Germany, Austria, the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, UK, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia, Turkey, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Australia, Sweden, and Japan. The majority will be a premiere in Berlin and many of them in Germany also, like “The Tank and the Olive Tree”, “Yara”, “Kreuzberg”, “You can’t kill my Dreams”, “The Wanderings of Ivan”, “Intercontinental”, “Doing Money”, “Who is Europe”, “Undeterred”, “They will not trespass”, “Once in Purple Dungarees”, “The Climate Limbo”, “Alara”, and “The Bomb”, among other.

In the year of the pandemic 2020, we achieved the challenge of running the 3rd RFF at BABYLON, with the presence of the directors, producers, protagonist, and of course, the audience of our festival. Even accomplishing strictly health measures we performed a very successful third chapter with the nomination of almost 50 great movies.

In the 4th RFF -2021- we have a large selection of great films on the main screen of Babylon Theater with a great response from the Audience!

We have selected Oscar Awards films, great shorts and features, dramas, and documentaries with tons of nominations and awards in the most important film festivals all over the Word.

This window to the best of the movies about this dramatic and concerning issue, that cross not only Europe-Middle East-Africa, but also different regions with migrations (international and internal, Natives of the USA and Canada, etc.), unknows wars like the Honduran – Salvadorian War, persecutions against the Rohingya Nation and beautiful cooperative movies made by and for children, racism in Trinidad and Tobago against Venezuelans, the Armenian Genocide, past, and current migrations because old wars, like in Vietnam and Cambodia, discrimination in between neighbors in Berlin, persecutions in North Korea, and beautiful and poetic movies that go beyond the issue of migration to the condition of the Human Being, upcoming wars (¿?) in Eastern Europe, Worker Class Solidarity that cross the Atlantic, etc., will permit here, in Berlin, to empathize with millions and millions of Human Beings that exist, and not only in the queue of Ausländerbehörde (Migration National Office).

We hope that the fifth edition of the Refugees Film Festival could help to understand, through the cinema, this complex reality that is going on in the entire world.

More info in http://www.refugeesfilmfest.com https://babylonberlin.eu/programm/festivals/rff

All the films have English subtitles
(if the language spoken in the movie is not English)

The RFF can be at Babylon Theater, online, or both of them.

Winners 2021

Skye Fitzgerald - Di

Environmental Justic

Richard Douglas Jens


Samuel Kay Forrest - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 18:00 HS

Alexander Sussmann - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 18:00 HS

Pheline Hanke, Duc Quang Le, Lisa Jane Albrecht, Johanna Geimer - Directors | Thursday 30.09. | 18:00 HS

Sam Albatros - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 18:00 HS

Hille Norden - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 19:45 HS

Beraat Gokkus - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 21:45 HS

Silvana D'Mikos - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 21:45 HS

Petr Eremin - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 21:45 HS

Isham Aboulkacim - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 21:45 HS

Alexandra Vogel - Director | Thursday 30.09. | 21:45 HS


Isabelle Ingold, Vivianne Perelmuter- Directors | Friday 01.10. | 17:45 HS

Héctor Domínguez-Viguera, Carlos Mora Fuentes, Gonzalo Recio - Directors | Friday 01.10. | 19:45 HS

Skye Fitzgerald - Director | Friday 01.10. | 21:30 HS

Tendayi Charles Tshuma - Director | Friday 01.10. | 21:30 HS

Sasan Behroozian - Director | Friday 01.10. | 21:30 HS


Daniel Smith - Director | Saturday 02.10 | 17:30 HS

Paco Beltrán, Jessica W. Leung - Directors | Saturday 02.10 | 19:45 HS

Ralph Isenberg, Joe De La Fuente - Directors | Saturday 02.10 | 21:30 HS


Christin Schuchardt - Director | Sunday 03.10. | 17:15 HS

Thomas Ceulemans - Director | Sunday 03.10. | 17:15 HS

Giorgio Bosisio - Director | Sunday 03.10. | 19:15 HS

Piotr Goldstein, Jan Lorenz - Directors | Sunday 03.10. | 19:15 HS

Poppy van Oorde-Grainger - Director | Sunday 03.10. | 19:15 HS

José Manuel Colón Armario - Director | Sunday 03.10. | 21:30 HS


Lucas Vernier - Director | Monday 04.10. | 17:30 HS

Mehmet Tığlı - Director Biography | Monday 04.10. | 19:30 HS

Tayeb Al-Hafez - Director | Monday 04.10. | 19:30 HS

Waleed Al Madani - Director | Monday 04.10. | 19:30 HS

Kristell Menez - Director | Monday 04.10. | 21:45 HS


Adelina Suvagau - Director | Tuesday 05.10. | 17:30 HS

Olli Laine - Director | Tuesday 05.10. | 19:30 HS

Sander Francken - Director | Tuesday 05.10. | 21:15 HS


Nina Wendel - Director | Miércoles 06.10. | 16:00 hs

Environmental Justice Foundation - Director | Wednesday 06.10. | 17:30 HS

Ado Hasanović, Sophia Tomany, Maya Weisinger, Eva Serrano, Dong Ngoc Yen - Directors | Wednesday 06.10. | 17:30 HS

José Vieira - Director | Wednesday 06.10. | 17:30 HS

Richard Douglas Jensen - Director | Wednesday 06.10. | 19:45 HS

4th Refugees
Film Festival