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The Invisible Line – America’s Nazi Experiment

Emanuel Rotstein – Director | Friday 30.10. | 19:45 HS


The documentary tells the story of The Third Wave, an experimental social movement created by history teacher Ron Jones in 1967 to explore how the German population could accept the actions of the Nazis. His daring social investigation succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, creating a fascist state on campus spiralling out of control. The documentary features exclusive interviews with teacher Ron Jones, his wife Deanna, and seven of the original Third Wave students. The events were adapted by TV movies, theatre plays and turned into a bestselling novel.

Director Biography – Emanuel Rotstein

Award-winning filmmaker and programmer. Passion for thinking outside the box and stories with purpose and relevance. Development, production and commissioning of programming for HISTORY, The Biography Channel, A&E and CRIME + INVESTIGATION. Productions range from core history documentaries and factual entertainment to real life stories, music and crime.

Thorough research expertise in rare textual documents, photographs, film, video and audio recordings in private and state archives worldwide.

Productions have been distributed worldwide and have appeared on HISTORY, A&E, The Biography Channel, Smithsonian Networks, Discovery Channel, NHK, BBC, SBS, ARTE, ARD, ZDF, NTV and Netflix.

– “The Invisible Line – America’s Nazi Experiment”
– “Total Control”, Documentary 1h
– “Guardians of Heritage”, 3 x 1h
– “Protocols Of Evil”, 5 x 0.5h
– “Lost Places”, 6 x 0.5h
– “Captain Kasi Houseboat Adventures”, 6 x 0.5h
– “The Liberators – Why We Fought”, 1h
– “Alexander Hartmann-Reality Hacker”, 5 x 0.5h
– “Rost’n’Roll-Kasis Werkstattgeschichten”, 12 x 0.5h
– “The Legion-German War In Vietnam”, 1.5h
– “The Teacher Who Defied Hitler”, 1h
– “The Eleventh Day-The Survivors of Munich 1972”, 1h
– “I Survived-German Stories”, 15 x 0.5h
– “The Fashion makers”, 8 x 0.5h
– “Originaltoene”, 16 x 0.5h
– “Mogadishu”, 2 x 1h
– “Max von Oppenheim – The Kaiser’s Spy”, 2 x 1h
– “The Fifth Dimension”, 6 x 1h
– “Kill Hitler”, 3 x 1h

Icon Award; New York Festivals (Gold World Medal); International New York Film Festival (1st place); Telly Award (2x Silver and 3x Bronze); American Film Award (Honorable Mention); California Film Award (Silver Award Documentary); LA Jewish Film Festival, Audience Award; The Film Awards; Cine Golden Eagle Award (2x); Mira-Award; Royal Reel Award; Sichuan Film Festival (2x Gold Panda); World Media Festival


Emanuel Rotstein
The Liberators – Why We Fought; Guardians of Heritage; The Eleventh Day-The Survivors of Munich 1972
Emanuel Rotstein
Ron Jones
Key Cast
Mark Hancock
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Deanna Jones
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Debbie Berry
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Jo Ann Gasaway
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Phil Neel
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Steve Coniglio
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Russel Mulock
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Alyssa Hess reit
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Project Type:Documentary
Runtime:53 minutes
Completion Date:November 19, 2019
Production Budget:130,000 USD
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:United States
Shooting Format:HD
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Film Color:Color
First-time Filmmaker:No
Student Project:No