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Deutschkurs – The German Course

Nehad Hussein – Director | Sunday 01.11. | 16:00 HS


Andjela, Sami, Filmon, Shahrooz, Ahmad and Viktor take part in a German course. While the teacher is explaining how to express wishes and dreams in German, they are distracted by their thoughts. Andjela has received a letter announcing her deportation. Sami has nightmares about his time in the Iraqi refugee camp. And Filmon is in love…

In the project FilmZuFlucht people from Bremen with and without experience of flight and migration have developed a film together. It tells of their experiences during their flight and in everyday life in Germany. The film was partly based on material shot by the participants in their home country or while fleeing. With the film, they find their own expression for what still weighs on them – and for their wishes and dreams.

Director Biography – Nehad Hussein

Geboren 1971 in Syrien
lebt in Bremen

seit 2017 selbständiger Regisseur und Kameramann
2011-2013 Kameramann und Regisseur in Doha, Katar
2006-2011 Fernsehredakteur und Videoschnitt in Moskau, Russland
2001-2006 Kameramann und Regisseur in Doha, Katar
1999-2001 Regieassistenz in Damaskus, Syrien
1993-1998 Studium der Filmregie Staatsakademie St. Petersburg, Russland

Nehad Hussein
Accordion (D 2016)
Projekt FilmZuFlucht
Projekt FilmZuFlucht
Kebire Yildiz
Dirk von Jutrczenka
Sami Sleman
Key Cast
Life on the Border (Syrien/Irak 2015)
Andjela Mitrović
Key Cast
Shahrooz Rasooli
Key Cast
Viktor Saleh
Key Cast
Filmon Beraki
Key Cast
Ahmad Al Zoubi
Key Cast
Flucht aus Syrien (D 2016)
Marta Huhnholt
Key Cast
Kebire Yildiz
Key Cast
Lisa Schur
Key Cast
Dragana Mitrović
Key Cast
“Mutter von Andjela”
Jenny Blümich
Key Cast
Fabius Bädecker
Key Cast
Karl Küpper
Key Cast
“Vater von Dennis”
Karla Sonntag
Ludwigs Absprung (D 2016)
Nishan Xaili
Nehad Hussein

Project Title (Original Language):Deutschkurs
Project Type:Documentary, Feature
Runtime:1 hour 3 minutes
Completion Date:September 12, 2019
Production Budget:10,000 EUR
Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Germany, Greece, Iraq, Syrian Arab Republic
Language:Arabic, German, Kurdish, Other, Serbian
Shooting Format:Digital
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Film Color:Color
First-time Filmmaker:No
Student Project:No